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What kind of entity is Kudos?

Kudos is an RBI registered NBFC, meaning we have the licence for lending in India.

What are the requirements to work with Kudos?

No matter if you are two founders with an idea, a Fintech startup, public brand of a scaled up unicorn - we have customers across the board.

How soon can we get started? How long does it take to integrate?

Talk to us. Most of our partners are able to test our API's in Postman within the same day.

Do you also provide capital?

We do.

Is the process 100% digital?

We expect it will take a day each for the following steps.

Where do I find the documentation?

Visit docs.kudosfinance.in

Decide Business Terms

Work with our seasoned team of risk and finance professionals to co-create your product.

Step 1.

Integrate API's

We offer SDK's , API's , bulk upload tools, dashboards, workflows and more!

Step 2.

Workflows & Growth

Play with our sandbox and create workflows as unique as your product

Step 3.